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Welcome to The Beekeepers Club - a place in Melbourne for all Hobby Beekeepers

Bees are vital for the survival of mankind. We should therefore be all interested to know a little bit about these fascinating creatures.

If we and future generations want to survive we need to ensure that bees are remaining a part of our ecosystem.

With our web site we want to promote beekeeping as a hobby by sharing information and knowledge with the wider community.

If you want to learn more about the rewarding hobby of beekeeping then come to our monthly club meetings and talk to beekeepers.

When you join us we will give you the opportunity to learn the skills of beekeeping from men and women who once were beginners too.

Our Meeting Venue  
Our monthly meetings are at "Senior Citizen Club", 895-901 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East 3109

Melway 47-K1 (opposite Dan Murphy)

Club Meetings & Beekeeper Events
Our club meetings are on the third Thursday of every month.

Field Day

Beelines - our newsletter  
The Beekeepers Club Newsletter gets issued on a monthly basis and is emailed to all current members. It can also be viewed and downloaded from this web page.

How to become a Beekeeper?
If you are interested in this fascinating hobby we have a step-by-step guide of how to go about it.

Beekeepers Club Trading Post
The place for Club Members to buy and sell beekeeping related products and services.

latest posting: 3rd Sep 2015

Bee Removal   When you need to have bees removed some of our club members might be able to help you.

Our membership year starts on 1st July and finishes on 30th June the following year.

Upcoming Events

17-Oct-2015 Capilano Visit

>>more info>>

Apiary Supplies
As a beekeeper club we are not trading. However, we are providing a web link to a list of places where beekeepers can get Apiary Supplies.

The devestating effect of SHB
Small Hive Beetle may turn out to be more of a beekeeping problem than Varroa. David Severino, Phillip Island
>>YouTube clip>>

Disclaimer: Material and information published in any publication, training course, leaflet or web site of the Beekeepers Club Inc. is produced for general information only. Although published in good faith, the club and/or any officer of the club will not be liable for any loss suffered by any person for actions taken on the basis of such information.

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