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Merge 5 frame nucs

  • 11 Mar 2017 9:59 PM
    Message # 4660608

    I have two 5 frame nucs that are too week to prosper. How do I merge these into one 10 frame brood box?  

    The best idea that I can think of is to make a box the same size as a nuc, but without a bottom, and transfer one of the nucs into that and use the old newspaper trick. 

    Or, can I euthanase one queen, put the other queen in a queen cage and then into the first box for, say, 24 hours, and then put all ten frames with the queen (still in cage) in the ten frame brood box. Let the queen out after another 24 hours and let them fight it out  

    My first plan seems like the easiest way forward.

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