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Bee Hives for Crop Pollination

Most people would know that bees perform pollination of fruit and vegetables. Certain fruit types are more dependent on pollination than others. Almonds and Blueberries are highly dependent on bee pollination. If you want to grow high quality apples, bee pollination is a must. There are various books with all the details.

Many orchards require hundreds or even thousands of beehives for pollination. Almond Pollination in the Robinvale area required 60,000 bee hives in 2008. Such big job can only be performed when properly managed by a Pollination Coordinator. Those hives are supplied by commercial beekeepers and delivered in lots of hundreds to the farms on semi trailers. This has to happen in a very short time, the almond blossom finishes four weeks after it has started. A true logistical challenge.

And there are plenty of smaller orchards who require only one or two hives, but where to get them?

Some members of the The Beekeepers Club are willing to hire out their hives for the smaller pollination jobs. This list should assist fruit growers to locate Bee Hives for Pollination.

Bees for Crop Pollination by Hobby Beekeepers sorted by postcode



Contact number


Service Area


Max Ambrosius

Heidelberg, 3084

(03) 9850 5328
0417 313 973

Heidelberg and surrounding suburbs

2-3 hives only

Paul Pynaker

The Patch, 3792

(03) 9756-7277

Outer Eastern & SE Melbourne area

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