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Learn the art and science of beekeeping. Meetings will be fun and fascinating. All protective equipment supplied.

Monthly meetings on the third Saturday of the month will include practical hands on experience with bees as well as instruction in bee biology and management. 

Topics covered include:

1. An understanding of the terms commonly used in beekeeping
2. The parts of a modem bee hive; and constructing those components.
3. An understanding of the need for care when manipulating a colony and the need
for protective clothing
4. A knowledge of the natural history of the honeybee
5. The occupants of a hive in summer and their functions
6. How the occupants of a hive survive the winter to the spring
7. Simple concept of swarming
8. Nectar, water, propolis and pollen; how they are carried and used by the colony
9. The conversion of nectar to honey
10. The storage of honey in the hive
11. The formation of beeswax
12. The extraction of surplus honey
13. Starvation and the feeding of bees
14. The dangers of Varroa, AFB and EFB, Nosema and other diseases and pests
15. The value of bees to the fruit grower and farmer
16. How to remove and simple first aid treatment for a bee sting
17. Correct assembly of a brood frame
18. A method of fitting a frame with wax foundation
19. Biology of the bee and Microscopy investigations.
20. Beekeeping with the Flow hive.

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Meeting Address: NewHope Community Centre: 3-7 Springfield Rd, Blackburn North

Email: mail@beekeepers.org.au

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